Care, Repair and Service for Watches During Monsoon

watches during monsoon

Monsoon is a wonderful respite from the heat of summer. But monsoons also mean the chances of your gadgets getting splashed with water and mud is higher. People spend a lot of time with their wrist watches and with unpredictable weather, there is a good chance that their watches will be treated to a bout of rain.   

Water damage in watches can result in rusting of the intricate parts that keep the watches ticking. Leather straps will be ruined when exposed to wetness. Metal straps can accumulate dirt from mud splashes and stains if not cleaned properly after exposure to rain.   

Most watches are able to withstand wetness. However, this alone will not protect your watch. Despite such protection in place, watches still manage to have damage from rain or moisture. It’s pertinent to know and understand the concept of water resistance in your watches to protect them well.   

Water-resistant Watches  

We interchangeably use the terms waterproof watches and water-resistant watches. However, they are not the same. Water resistance is the capacity of a watch to resist water. The term waterproof is quite a misnomer. The one thing you should know is that no watches have an impenetrable defense system against water. 

No watches can fully repel water, although we have watches that are perfectly suited, and in fact, created for deep dives. But they have their limits. Each water-resistant watch has a water pressure bearing capacity.   

In short, don’t submerge your watches underwater without knowing their true capacity to withstand water.  Also do not expect your watches to survive the rain if they are not protected well.  

Let’s take a look at how to repair water damage in a luxury watch.

Keep Your Watches Safe During Rain 

With monsoon, your watches face the risk of damage in more ways than one. Especially for those living in flood-prone cities, there is absolutely no way of predicting if your watches will be safe. There is no way we will suddenly stop wearing watches due to the rain. So, the next best thing to do is to practice safety measures to keep your watches safe during the monsoon.   

Avoid Leather Straps

It is best to avoid leather straps during rain. It’s a well-known fact that your leather straps should be kept away from moisture, wetness, and water. So, it’s best to switch to watches with metal or silicone straps during rain. If your leather straps do get wet, try to get them dried as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Check Your Watch Parts Before Stepping Out in the Rain      

It’s important to check your watch parts before moving out in the rain. Always ensure that the crown and push-pieces of your watch are completely screwed down. This way the water will not seep into the movement case. Water seepage is what can ruin your timepiece.   

Use Only Water-resistant Watches 

Do not blindly believe in the notion that your watches are waterproof. You should check your watches’ restraint capacity. Any watch that has a water-resistance capacity above 30 meters is good enough to withstand rain. However, avoid using anything that does not have water-resistant capacity.   

Avoid Using Damaged Watches

Any watch that has suffered damage like missing parts, cracks on the glass, ruined straps, etc. should not be used during rain. It is possible for water to enter your watches through the damaged parts. These watches may be semi-functional but will be completely ruined if used during rain.  Get your watches repaired before the monsoon.

Get Your Watches Tested  

Haven’t we all heard the phrase better safe than sorry? It should apply to your watches too. Did you know that you can have your watch checked out so that it is rain-ready? Get your watch’s performance tested at My Watch Merchant for just 99 INR! We can check the water resistance capacity of your watches so that you are well aware of the limits and can take adequate precautions to keep your watch safe.   

My Watch Merchant has a rich history of watch care, watch serving and watch repairs. We specialize in luxury watch servicing, luxury watch restoration, and luxury watch repair. We use the best and the most modern equipment to ensure that your watches get the best possible care.  

Our experience spans over 7 decades and our passion for watches is evident in our happy customers.

If You Want to Keep Your Watches Safe and Perfectly Working Through the Monsoon!

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