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The world of horology is populated with Swiss-made watches. But amongst a bevy of highly sought-after watches is a Danish brand that stands out. Skagen is a young brand but has made its mark amongst watch lovers who prize it for its minimalism, accuracy, and durability. Skagen watches were named after Skagen, a Jutland peninsula and Denmark’s northernmost town.   

Drawing inspiration from Skagen City and the Danish coastline, Skagen has embraced the idea of being fashionable and functional without compromising on aesthetics. These watches are a beautiful blend of past and present. For over 30 years, Skagen has created watches that denote reliability and style while serving a purpose. Skagen watches have found their spot in the watch lovers’ collection owing to all these qualities, along with the fact that they are affordable too.   

Skagen has a versatile range of watches that can serve its owner for many years if cared for well.  Minimalism in style doesn’t mean minimal care. If you have a Skagen or are planning to own one in the future here are a few care tips that will help you.   

How To Clean Your Skagen Watches?


Crystal in Skagen watches should not be tampered with. To clean it, you can use an alcohol-soaked swap and wipe the surface with it. This will clean it and give it a fine shine.  

Leather Strap

Leather straps should never be exposed to moisture, liquid, or direct sunlight. It should be cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth.  

Stainless Steel Strap

Stainless steel strap should be cleaned with a polishing cloth to keep it safe. Avoid scratching the surface or denting it.   

Where Can You Get Skagen Watch Serviced?

Skagen watches need expert care for their repairs and servicing. This means you should never hand over your watch to the local watch repair center. They are woefully inadequate at servicing or repairing watches like Skagen. We have experience, expertise, and the best tools to fix any issues your watch may have.  

At My Watch Merchant, we specialize in watch care, watch servicing and watch repair 

Here is what Skagen watch repair or Skagen watch service would entail:  

  • Movement Repair- Essential to keep your watch running smoothly.  
  • Battery Replacement – Batteries are replaced with genuine batteries sourced from certified and authentic manufacturers.  
  • Polishing – Polishing cleans off unwanted materials on the watch surface and makes it look brand new. 
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – Ultrasonic cleaning techniques are used to reach the most difficult and intricate parts of the watch.  
  • Performance Testing – Performance testing is done by using the most advanced gadget to check the performance of your watch and fix issues. 
  • Parts Replacements – Worn-out parts are replaced with genuine parts sourced from authentic dealers. 
  • Strap Replacement – Straps or bands are replaced with well-fitting ones. Watch owners can choose between leather to authentic nylon, stainless steel, silicon, or even special materials. They have the option to select amongst a myriad of sizes and styles.   

Got a Skagen watch that needs repair and servicing?

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