Time stands still…

Watches aren’t mere devices for telling the time. Since their introduction watches have secured a firm place in the hearts and minds of watch lovers. People spend hours, good money and a lot of attention on buying, maintaining and preserving timeless timepieces. No one knows the love and adoration for watches like collectors and watch lovers do. My Watch Merchant is a fruit of love and labour that every ardent watch collector would truly appreciate.

How it began 

In 1955 by Mr. Khemraj Parihar saw an opportunity in servicing and repairing watches and set up shop in Mumbai City’s Goregoan locality, after migrating from Rajasthan.

Mr. Parihar belongs to a family of jewelers and got into watch trading and repairing. Being one of the only few centers for watch repair in the suburbs, his business enjoyed considerable success and two of his sons joined the business in the early 70s.

His younger son, Mr. Kantilal Parihar started his own shop in the same vicinity to cater to growing demands.

Mr. Kantilal Parihar was progressive and enterprising. He introduced new technology and processes into the business from Singapore and European countries.

A new direction

The last few years have seen an increase in sales and demand for luxury watches. People buy them, love them cherish them, however they are at a loss when their watches need help.

Mr Kantilal Parihar’s love for watches passed down to his three sons. These men know the pain and commiserate with watch collectors like themselves who have a hard time getting their luxury watches repaired. Their empathy and understanding of the pain areas in luxury watch services spurned them into pushing their father’s legacy in a new direction.

We understand you; we are you

India’s watch repair market is unorganized at best and unreliable at worst. It is hard to not just find someone who can repair your watches much less trust them to fix the issue, use the right parts, be trustworthy enough to not just do a good job but an honest one. These are the pain areas Parihar brothers are well acquainted with. This is how My Watch Merchant went from being a family legacy to being a beacon of hope for those who need help with their priceless watches.

What we do 

The new generation of Parihars started by modernizing the business. The stores have been renovated, trained technicians now handle fine watches with expertise and modern tools add to the perfection of service.

The legacy that spans over 50 years has ensured the excellent quality of service. The customers that know us, trust us for transparent business practices.

Our parts, suppliers, and services are the best in the business. Our customers prize our services for our knowledge of the art and craft of luxury watch repairs and services.

Why choose us

  • As watch lovers and ardent collectors, we love watches as much as you do
  • We understand your pain of getting your watches repaired from trustworthy sources
  • We have years of expertise, skills and knowledge
  • We offer the best as we would want the same for our watches!

Our Mantra, Passed Down Through Generations

Customer Satisfaction Above Everything
Deliver Value
Complete Transparency
Build Trust
We are Obsessed with Quality
Quality of Craftsmanship
Quality of Service
Quality of Spares & Parts
Complete Service Satisfaction
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