Everything You Must Know About Seiko Watch Servicing

seiko watch servicing

Watch lovers covet a reliable, elegant, and long-lasting time-telling device. This is why most horophiles own a Seiko.

Although Seiko is not strictly a luxury brand, it enjoys huge popularity among collectors.

Since its inception in 1881, Seiko has sold millions of watches all over the world. They introduced one of the world’s first quartz wristwatches and the first quartz watches with a chronograph complication.   

Elegance and innovation coupled with affordable prices makes Seiko a favourite among watch lovers.

Seiko watches are known for their craftsmanship and attention to detail. It’s a wonderful addition to your collection and can be a great companion for everyday activities.

However, if you plan to keep your Seiko watches with you for long, you will have to pay attention to their care.    

Watches can have an incredible lifespan if they are looked after well. You should never skip on the care and maintenance of your watches.   

Caring for your Seiko Watch

  • Handle your watch with care, and avoid shocks like hitting it hard or dropping it on a hard surface.   
  • Do not expose the watch to water when the crown is pulled out.  
  • Despite its water resistance, avoid high water pressure. Get the water resistance capacity of the watch checked regularly.   
  • Avoid exposing your watches to moisture.  
  • Clean the sweat, grime, dust, and dirt on your watch with a soft dry cloth.   
  • Clean and dry your watch gently after exposure to saltwater.  
  • Do not expose your watches to extreme temperatures.   
  • Do not use chemicals to clean your watch, it may cause an unfavorable chemical reaction and destroy the watch.  
  • Turn the crown regularly to prevent corrosion of the crown and to keep the gasket flexible.  
  • The screw-in crown should be screwed down with care to avoid moisture seepage inside the movement.  
  • Keep your watches away from magnetic objects.  

Watch Band Care

Seiko watches give you a variety of choices in the watch band. However, these straps or bands have their care routine to elongate their lifespan.   

Metallic band  

Metallic band Seiko Watch
  • Clean any type of moisture, dirt, soil, sweat with a soft cloth to avoid staining and rust.   
  • Clean the gaps in the joints of the band with a cloth dipped in water and a soft toothbrush. Wipe it down with a soft cloth.   
  • Wrap the watch body in plastic to avoid water splashes.   

Leather band

  • A leather band is likely to suffer damage from moisture, sweat, and direct sunlight.  
  • Clean moisture, sweat, or cosmetics on the leather band as soon as possible with a dry cloth.   
  • Avoid long exposure to sunlight.   
  • Avoid using watches with the leather band while swimming, bathing, etc.  

Polyurethane band

  • Keep polyurethane band away from direct heat, humidity, and chemicals.   
  • You can clean it easily with water and a dry cloth.  
  • Wrap the watch body in plastic to avoid water splashes.  
  • Replace the band if it loses its flexibility.   

Silicone band  

  • Wipe the band clean with a wet cloth or wipe to clear off dirt, grime, and dust. 
  • Watch out for cracks as they may lead to the band being cut.   

Storing your Seiko Watch   

  • Place your watch in a dust-free room.  
  • Place in a well-cushioned box, preferably the one you received at the time of purchase.  
  • Keep it in a well-ventilated place.  

Seiko recommends servicing your watch about every three years

Seiko watches can be an excellent time-telling companion for a very long time. While it is durable, it is still a sensitive precision instrument. Therefore, it needs periodic servicing to function well.   

The frequency of service depends on the usage and condition of the watch. However, Seiko recommends having your watch serviced about every three years. 

Seiko Watch Servicing /Seiko Watch Repairs

If you choose a watch like Seiko, you want it to last well and long.

Your Seiko watch needs:  

  • Lubrication for the watch movement.   
  • Disassembling and cleaning to check the overall health of the watch, clear dirt and moisture.  
  • Replacement of worn-out parts and gaskets.   
  • Testing of water-resistance capacity.  

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