1. Please read the document carefully before approaching the company for refunds/ warranty

  2. 1. Service and restoration Jobs

    There are no refunds on the service and restoration jobs.
  3. 2. Accessories

    There is a 14 days refund policy for unused items. However, refund won’t be issued for broken/open/ damaged packaging.
  4. 3. Cancellation

    A full amount of refund will be issued on cancellation of service before commencement of services.

  5. Warranty

    All watches serviced by My Watch Merchant or its vendors will carry a warranty of 6 months from the date of delivery onwards. This warranty does not cover the following:

    • Normal wear and tear.
    • Damage caused by mishandling of watches, including damage to glass, straps and bracelets.
    • Damage caused by watch being opened/disassembled/repaired/serviced at other service outlets.
    • Water damage in a non-water-resistant watch.
    • Damage due to exposure to chemicals and solvents.
    • Damage to the watch due to physical dents, scratches, etc.
  6. Conditions of Warranty

    • Battery – No warranty on the replacements of battery
    • Plating peel off – No replacement will be offered for Case or Bracelet for plating peel off/ rusting/ corrosion.
    • Leather Strap/ PU Strap – Free replacement will be issued within 6 months of retail purchase, for manufacturing defects which includes pasting peel off or strap breaking off at spring bar end.
    • In case of repairs or replacement of any part(s) of the watch during the warranty period, the warranty of watch shall continue only for the unexpired period of original watch warranty.
    • The warranty extends only to the Original (First) Buyer (Consumer) of the watch and is not assignable or transferable to any other consumer.
    • To avail the warranty coverage / benefits, the customer must visit / deliver his/her watch to the service center. The customer will bear the transportation, delivery and handling charges incurred to visit / deliver the watch to and from the service center.
    • There will be a 6 month warranty on the parts replaced during post warranty repairs
    • The Courts of Mumbai shall have the exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising in terms of Warranty/service policy.