Watch Repair Services

Movement Repair

Every watch runs on an intricately aligned combination of gear and other mechanical moving parts. The watch movement is somewhat of an engineering marvel that you carry on your wrists. To ensure these parts are running smoothly without any errors, the movement of the watch needs to be serviced or repaired from time to time.

The timeframe depends on the type of watch, for example a mechanical watch needs a movement repair every 4 to 5 years, while for a quartz watch, it will be 6 to 8 years before it needs servicing.

Our qualified technicians dismantle, clean, repair and reassemble your watch with the same precision as it was made.

Battery Replacement

Your watches are powered by specially designed batteries that function in a high-performance environment under the dial. Any genuine watch battery uses 15 to 20 % of its power capacity every year. And it is advisable to replace the battery every 2 years to keep the watch movement healthy.

We power your watches with genuine batteries that are sourced from authentic and certified manufacturers. We recommend using only genuine batteries and getting professional help for replacement.


Over time, your watch could develop minor scratches from wear and tear and may lose its original shine due to weathering. Much like our cars, homes, and jewelry, your watch also needs to be polished from time to time.

Our technicians use sophisticated tools and brush to clean, buff, and polish your watches. This removes any foreign materials from the watch surface, minor scratches and gives your watch a fresh new look.

Ultrasonic Cleaning

The beauty of any watch lies in the intricacy of its designs and elegance of its contours and edges. However, these very intricate details tend to accumulate dirt and grime which reduces the luster of your watch.

A cleaning cloth is not going to reach these crevices, it needs specialized tools to get rid of these stubborn particles. We use the latest ultrasonic cleaning techniques that are well known to reach the most difficult parts of the watch and provide a brand-new shine.

Performance Testing

Watches often encounter errors due to various reasons like exposure to extreme heat, accidental drops or shocks which leads to problems in amplitude or beats or its time rate. Your watch also needs to be checked for its water resistance accuracy.

Our technicians use the latest tools to gauge the performance parameters of your watch and fix them. You can be assured of optimal performance and consistent quality.

Parts Replacement

Various events can damage some parts of your watch or cause it to work at a sub-optimal level, which raises the need for these parts to be replaced. To maintain the precision and working accuracy of the watch, only genuine parts sourced from authentic and certified suppliers need to be used.

Our long association in the industry, knowledge of various brands and watch movements enables us to source only the best and genuine components for your watch. We stress on high-quality original components to be used to extend the life of your watch without any compromises.

Strap Replacement

Your watch’s strap is not just a fashion accessory, it is a critical element of how your watch feels to you. A well fitted, genuine strap will feel absolutely pleasant and easy to wear, providing an all-day comfort.

We provide you with the best options for straps across different materials from genuine leather to authentic nylon and Stainless Steel, Silicon to special materials in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose a strap that suits your personality and occasion.

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