Franck Muller Watches – History, collection and care

Most Swiss luxury watches can trace their history back to the 1800s! But there is one brand that defies this norm and emerged as one of the most successful Swiss luxury watch brands of the modern era. Franck Muller watches not only set a benchmark but also established a precedent for other watch brands to follow

Franck Muller watches are named after their founder and former CEO, Franck Muller. Muller’s affair with watches began quite early. At 15, he was enrolled at watching making school. He started his career by repairing luxury watches. Later Franck Muller started designing and creating his timepieces. He found success in these endeavours and this led to the opening of ‘The House of Franck Muller ‘in 1991.

Wedging yourself in a market crowded by the likes of Patek Phillipe, Rolex and Omega watches is not an easy feat. Yet Franck Muller watches managed to carve out a spot for themselves in a short period of time, rising in the ranks of luxury watches.

The ultra-complicated timepieces created by Franck Muller swiftly became popular in Europe and the United States. The factory, which also houses the headquarters of Franck Muller, produces watches for private clients.. Franck Muller offers a wide range of collections with various designs and price ranges.

Let’s have a look at the impressive Franck Muller watch collection   


Cintrée Curvex

Franck Muller’s Cintrée Curvex collection features iconic, uniquely shaped watches. They embody the brand’s most recognizable silhouette with their beautifully curved case and unique contours. Cintrée Curvex stands out for its stylish and aesthetically pleasing numeral design. Watches in this collection bear the traditional hallmarks of Franck Muller aesthetics like sophisticated cases, eye-catching dials, and exquisite movements. It is the graceful design of these watches that demonstrates their classic style that remains timeless throughout the ages.

Curvex CX

Franck Muller has introduced a new Curvex CX case design, offering watch enthusiasts an entirely new collection. Curvex CX is equipped with a sapphire crystal integrated seamlessly into the bracelet, which greatly enhances the visibility of the dial. The separate bezel provides an opportunity for exquisite two-tone treatments.

Long Island

The Long Island architecture pays homage to the Art Deco movement through a unique interpretation of the Novecento style. The collection has become increasingly popular within Franck Muller’s product line, largely due to its rectangular design and recognizable numerals. Through its combination of straight lines and graceful curves in its numeral design, the Long Island collection is an iconic model tailored to suit the wrists of gentlemen.

Master Square

The Master Square collection derives inspiration from Franck Muller’s appreciation of the Art Deco movement. This collection is characterized by geometric purity and symmetrical lines, creating an aesthetic of perfect balance. Harmony and equilibrium are the keywords when describing Master Square. The timepieces in this collection have a strong character, making it a great choice for men who love watches.


The Round collection demonstrates Franck Muller’s unparalleled expertise in the art of watchmaking. Elegant simplicity and refined design characterize the round collection. Its Haute Horlogerie movement and traditional design give it the look and feel of an heirloom timepiece. This collection has watches that range from simple mechanical movements with manual or automatic windings, as well as more complex complications such as perpetual calendars and tourbillons.


Franck Muller challenges Haute Horlogerie norms with the introduction of another unique collection, the Skafander. It features the legendary and acclaimed tonneau shape. The Skafander dives into the depths of the ocean to deliver unparalleled quality and top-of-the-line performance for quality and innovation lovers.


The Vanguard collection by Franck Muller has a sporty aesthetic with its enticing shape. The Vanguard collection appeals to the senses with its sleek, innovative design. The eye-catching applique numerals are finely hand-polished and hand-brushed. The dial and crown complete the sporty aesthetic and make the watch uniquely appealing. The strap is ingeniously incorporated into the case to preserve and enhance the curved design, making for an eye-catching and sporty timepiece.


Cintrée Curvex

The Cintrée Curvex features the quintessential shape that is highly recognizable in Franck Muller’s collection. Its perfect, curvaceous design and striking contours make it one of the brand’s most prominent fashion features. One of its most striking features is the unique and stunning numeral design, which makes it easy to identify the Cintrée Curvex at a glance. Franck Muller prides itself on its timepieces. This collection is defined by exquisite cases, enticing dials, and elaborate movements. They are outstanding examples of vibrant, sophisticated designs.


The new collection by Franck Muller, Galet, is an intriguing name matched by an intriguing collection of watches. Unique in shape, the design celebrates simplicity, conveying calm and comfort. By its gentle angles, it evokes nature’s flow rounded by water. The leather straps, available in black or white, elegantly complement the dials, enhancing the elegance of the watches in this collection.


The Heart collection honours femininity. This women’s collection features a regal silhouette with a captivating case and a charming heart emblem. As a result, Franck Muller has created a collection that personifies the spirit of women with a passion for elegance and style. Black or burgundy leather straps complement the dials, showcasing the beauty of the watches in the collection.


Franck Muller pays homage to all women by creating the Infinity collection. This is a completely new collection defined by a highly innovative design along with harmonious volumes. The watches in this collection showcase exquisite work of diamond settings in its full pavé version. Intricately hand-crafted, you can choose sophisticated and sober black numerals or playful and elegant colour dreams. The captivating and luxurious shape of this watch fuses perfectly with the wrist. Infinity is a stunning collection that perfectly combines its beauty with its functionality.

Long Island

The design of the Long Island collection pays homage to the Art Deco movement in a modern interpretation. Long Island, based on its rectangular shape and numbers, has become a prominent Franck Muller collection. From the colourful Color Dreams numerals to the diamond-studded cases, the coloured alligator straps to the pristine dial, the Long Island is designed with care and attention to match the beauty of the wearer.

Master Square

The Master Square collection is influenced by Franck Muller’s admiration of the Art Deco movement. Featuring geometric purity and symmetrical lines, its aesthetic is harmoniously balanced. To capture the essence of the Master Square’s design, words such as “harmony” and “grace” can be used. Watches in the Master Square collection are designed with an emphasis on sophistication and artisanal craftsmanship. The collection of the Master boasts beautifully sculpted contours that are ideally suited for stylish women who are confident and stylish.


The Round collection is a testament to Franck Muller’s expertise as a watchmaker and knowledge of the craft of watchmaking. The Round Collection for Women stands out for its purity of design and minimalist style. This collection is an ideal fusion of femininity, allure, and sophistication. Featuring elegant and classic designs with elaborate complications, including spectacular engraving on movements like the Double Mystery, the Round collection is truly a class apart. The design exhibits a simple sophistication combined with regal opulence.

Vanguard Lady

The Vanguard Lady collection offers a contemporary take on a feminine style, combining dynamic and enchanting aspects seamlessly. The sun-stamped dial’s vibrant coloured numbers are perfectly matched to the bold and sporty case design. The tasteful colours of the straps’ design show a refined sense of style. A feminine-coloured stitching complements the leather strap, adding to the sense of balance. With the option of a quartz or automatic movement, the Vanguard Lady is available in both stainless steel and rose gold finishes.

Franck Muller watch service

Franck Muller is a good addition to any collector’s watch collection. But your beautiful watches could often be a victim of your lifestyle or simple disuse.

One thing you must do to keep your watches healthy and working well is follow good watch care practices and timely repair and service of your watch.

Franck Muller Service Center Mumbai

Getting your luxury watch serviced or repaired at your local watch repair shop involves some risk. When it comes to repairing luxury watches, only those with experience in handling these timepieces can do it correctly and while using quality materials.

Local watch repair shops lack the expertise and tools to perform this task. That’s why you should choose My Watch Merchant for your watches. Our experience in handling luxury watches spans more than 70 years. In addition to having the best equipment for handling luxury watches, we have skilled professionals who can handle any type of luxury watch.

Watches are as important to us as they are to you. We take good care of every watch you entrust to us at My Watch Merchant.

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