How To Fix Water Damage in Watches?

how to fix water damage in watches

No matter how hard you try, your watch will have an unfortunate encounter with water. Watches are complicated equipment and any kind of water damage can ruin their internal mechanism and their external beauty. Luxury watches and other high-end watches often are unsuspecting victims of water damage.   

There are multiple ways water can invade your watches. Broken or chipped glass, the crown that’s not screwed down well, or a damaged gasket etc, is a pathway to water damage. No matter how water resistant your watch is, there is a good chance that a bit of carelessness can result in water wrecking your beloved watch. The good news is that most water damage is reversible, but only when you act quickly.   

The first thing you need to remember is not to panic. At the first sign of damage people often try to fix it with questionable methods. The fact is, a watch with water damage should only be handled by experts. But if you aren’t able to get your watch to a watch repair center immediately, there are things you can do to reverse at least some aspects of the damage.  

Tips to Handle a Water-damaged Watch

Dry it immediately   

If the watch is exposed to water, immediately dry it with a soft cloth. Try to get rid of as much moisture as you can.   

Use absorbents  

To get rid of the moisture in your watch after it’s been exposed to water use absorbents. Silica gel would be preferable, however, if you don’t have it, you can simply use uncooked rice. Place your watch with absorbent in an airtight container and shut it right. Leave your watch in the container for 2-3 days.  

Don’t fiddle with it   

Do not use, wear, or tamper with any parts of a water-damaged watch. Do not fiddle with the crown, cover, glass cover, or any part of it. Don’t try to open it or press any buttons.   

Do not heat your watch   

Driving moisture or water out of your watch does not include heating it. Do not expose it to direct sunlight or other harsh heat sources.  

Avoid shocks   

Do not shake, drop or bump your watch. With water ingression, your watch is already damaged. Trying to shake excess water can make the damage worse. 

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Get Your Watch Repaired   

You must take your watch to a watch repair center as soon as to can, to minimize the water damage. Watches need experts who are not just adept at repairing the water damage, but also ensuring that the watch functions to its full capacity. This is possible only when you choose the best in the business.   

At My Watch Merchant, we let our work speak for itself. Here is how we fixed a water-damaged watch.   

Brand: – Diesel  

What caused the water damage– Watch was used while swimming. Water had entered from the side key (Crown) as the key. The crown was not an authentic part. No precautions were taken by the customer to remove the water. Hence the condition of the watch further deteriorated   

Expert care by My Watch Merchant  

We were able to repair the watch and undo the damage. Below listed are the services that salvaged the watch.   

  • Watch Cleaning.  
  • Machine change (Quartz).  
  • Dial Painting.  
  • Side Key Replacement (Crown).  
  • Waterproofing Testing.  
  • Pick & Drop Service.  
Diesel water damage repair

Do not let your local watch repair shops handle your cherished watches. Water damage can ruin your watches or diminish their performance.  

Let My Watch Merchant help. We have the best equipment, experience, and experts that can undo water damage. We also use the most advanced equipment and offer the best customer care service.

Got a Watch That Has Suffered Water Damage?


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