Why Choose My Watch Merchant for Your Luxury Watches Repair/Servicing?

mwm watches repair service

Watches have an emotional value for the watch lovers. Watches not only become a part of your personality but they also add value to your appearance. It speaks of your taste and choices. Unlike most accessories, watches especially luxury watches need more love, care and maintenance for a long life. A well-maintained watch can go a long way as most luxury watches are built to last.  watches repair service

The issue arises when these beloved timepieces need to repaired. We know that you want the best watch repair services for your watches.  We at My Watch Merchant understand your concerns as we are watch lovers too and have been a part of watch repair and watch service industry for generations. Therefore, we offer only best Luxury watches repair service.  

Here is what sets us apart from your local watch repair shop

In house service 

One of the issues with letting someone handle your expensive watches is the fear of it being handed over to third party. It’s a major violation of trust and will probably cost you extra.  

We have a team of experts who are well trained in all kinds of watch repairs and watch service. We also use the best equipment for all the work and source parts from trusted suppliers.

Therefore, there is absolutely no need of a third party. We have over 70 years of experience in industry serving our customers with nothing but the best.  

Professionals handle your device 

When we say experts, we mean people who not only excel at understanding the problem but also fixing it for good. From the moment your watch reaches our watch repair center, it will be handled by a team of experienced professionals till it is fixed and is working well.

Watch repair centers are available everywhere in India but it is a highly unorganized sector. We know this and therefore we ensure that no unskilled assemblers will handle watches. Rest assured; your watch will always be in safe hands.  

Got a watch that needs our expert attention and care?

Experience that speaks for itself

Do you know why experience matters? Watches are delicate and have many parts that are tiny yet vitals parts. Understanding how it functions, diagnosing what is wrong with it and fixing it takes expertise, which is derived through experience.  

My Watch Merchant has a legacy that spans decades. We bring years of expertise into the field and apply it not just for the repairs but also in handling cherished devices.  

70 Years; 3 Generations 

Love of watches, their repair and care are an art and science that has been passed on through generations at My Watch Merchant. For over 70 years and 3 generations, we have been servicing over 50 brands of globally renowned watches.  

We offer the best luxury watches repair service. Therefore, instead of heading for the nearest watch repair shop or watch servicing center, trust us. We love watches as much as you do!  

Excellent customer service 

Customers are entrusting their prized watches with us. We understand their concerns and we focus on delivering on our promises with eye on quality service. Over the years our customers have recognized our knowledge and skill in luxury watch repairs and services.  

We offer pick-up and drop of the watches; we have easy payment options and offer warranty on every service!  

In Conclusion

My Watch Merchant is one of the best luxury watches repair services in Mumbai. Our work spanning years, number of happy customers and growing list of new customers speaks for itself. 

If you are looking for a trustworthy watch repair service or watch service center, My Watch Merchant is what you need. 

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