Dos and Don’ts of Watch Repair and Watch Servicing

watch repair

Watches have evolved from a time telling equipment to a lot more in the last few decades. The watch you wear can say a lot about your personality, style, your social status, and your taste in finer things. There are many luxury watch brands that have captured the hearts and imagination of people worldwide. These watches tend to speak for those who own them.  

However, owning and wearing watches and maintaining them are two different things. We have a tendency to throw out things that don’t work or try to fix it ourselves. Watches often fall under this category although it shouldn’t. People often try to fix whatever is wrong with their watch by themselves or try to hand it off to the cheapest possible repair shop. All of this can be disastrous for your luxury watches. The best thing to do is to know how to handle a situation where your watches might need repairs or servicing. 

Here are a few dos and don’ts for watch repairs and watch servicing that will help you in the future. 

Don’ts: Luxury Watch Repair and Servicing

  • Do not try to fix the watch at home. Watches are complicated machines with many tiny moving parts that keep it functional. If you aren’t a trained professional or an expert it is easy to lose or damage parts while attempting to repair watch. 
  • Do not try to clean your watches at home. Watches require expert knowledge and tools to ensure the watch is not damaged by cleaning process which is not possible at home    
  • Don’t give your luxury watches to your local watch repair centers. The watch service or watch repair sector in India is unorganized. There aren’t many reliable places with trusted professional who can deal with luxury watches or their repair  
  • Do not have your luxury watch parts be replaced with off brand or local parts. This will damage your watch.  
  • Do not ignore dampness, water damage, changes in speed, tears and discoloration of watch straps, dents or cracks on the watch.  

Do’s: Luxury Watch Repair and Servicing

  • Always get your watches serviced and repaired by experts. Choose watch repair centers or watch service centers that have a history of dealing with luxury watch repairs and servicing.  
  • While deep cleaning watches are discouraged, it is essential to wipe off the dirt and grime to keep it clean on the surface.  
  • Choose a watch service center that has expert professionals to repair your watches. My Watch Merchant has a history of over 70 years in watch repair, sources its parts from trusted suppliers, has pick and drop service for the watches and offers warranty on repairs. 
  • Do take your watches for a complete servicing every one or two years to keep it running efficiently. Spending a small sum on servicing is better than shelling out extra cash for repairs or worse losing an expensive watch completely.  
  • Do stay vigilant about any kind of water damage, dents, scratches, breaks, tears, changes in movements or discoloration, take your watches to watch repair center immediately.  

Watches are beautiful, efficient and despite the availability of other modern time telling devices, it is still coveted. To keep the watches running and looking as pristine as the day they were brought is a task.  

Keep your beloved watches in their best shape and condition!

In Conclusion

Watch lovers and collectors often fret over how to hold on to their watches for the longest. Easiest way is to let experts walk you through watch care and have your watches serviced regularly. With My Match Merchant you can do the both.  

My Watch Merchant has a team of experts who can guide you on watch maintenance. We are also equipped with advanced tools and well-trained professionals to repair and service luxury watches. If you wish to avail the best watch repair services in Mumbai for your luxury watches, connect with our team.  

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