Signs and Symptoms Your Luxury Watch Needs to be Serviced

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A luxury watch is a thing of beauty. It is the finest specimen of arts, craft and mechanism that has a special spot in horology. Any watch lover can distinctly point out their favorite luxury watch or brand of luxury watch. These watches aren’t just timepieces, they are an investment. Like another investment, your luxury watches need protection, care and nurture. 

If you have a luxury watch you will want it to last longer. People stylize with a lot of accessories, but none are like watches. Unlike clothes, shoes, jewelry, glasses, etc, watches can be adversely affected by sweat, scrapes, dents, or magnetization. It’s important to get your watch serviced at least once a year to keep working well.  

During servicing watches are lubricated, cleaned, and checked for damages. But between services, it is possible for watches to develop issues. It is therefore important to keep an eye out for signs and symptoms that suggests that your luxury watches need to be serviced.  

Signs it’s time to service your luxury watch

1. Moisture 

Moisture of any amount can be detrimental for your luxury watch.  No amount is too little as barest hint of moisture can wreck the tiny parts that keep your watches ticking. Moisture causes corrosion, leading to the buildup of rust.

If it effects on part of the watch, rest of your watch too will fall prey to it. If you notice any moisture on the watch, the right thing to do is get it checked by professional.  

Do not try to repair it or drive the moisture out by yourself. You may end up harming the watch. Get your watches serviced at a reliable watch service center that deals with luxury watch repairs.  

 2. Dents & scratches 

If you use your watches and wear them all around the day, chances are they bear the marks of your daily activities. No matter how careful you are it’s virtually impossible to save your watches from being dented or scratched. 

While many of these dents and scratches are barely visible some may harm the watches in long run. If you see any visible dents or scratches on the surface of the watch, take it to the watch serving center immediately.  

Here are a few helpful tips from My Watch Merchant on maintaining your luxury watches for longer.

3. Rattling 

Watches are only supposed to make a mild ticking sound of the hands moving gently. If you hear anything other than this, you should get it checked right away. Watches have many tiny moving parts inside the which keeping them working.  

These parts are delicate, your watches are jostled and any kind of rough handling results in damage to these parts. This can force parts to move out of their place or come loose.  

Therefore, if you hear your watches making any unusual sound or hear rattling from inside the watch, take it to watch repair center.  

4. Tears and breaks

The straps of your watch are important and can be one of the most delicate parts. It comes in contact with moisture, sweat, body oil, elements etc. Straps can suffer damages in daily use or under conditions where it hasn’t been handled properly.

Always check your straps for signs of distress, especially in leather straps. For metal straps look out for discoloration, dents or breaks. If anything seems amiss, approach a trusted luxury watch service center for watch strap repair or watch strap replacements.  

5. Speed 

Your watches are set to run at a particular speed. If your watch is running faster or slower, it means there is something wrong with your watch. There could be a number of reasons for this. It could be due to accidents, mishandling or magnetization.  

It could also be the result of poor servicing. If you notice that the watch is acting up and its losing time during to its lack or access speed in movement, get it to a watch service center.

Think your watches need some special attention?

In Conclusion

The best way to make your luxury watches last long is by handling it with care. If you notice any of the signs and symptoms listed above, get your watch to a good watch repair center or watch service center asap.  

Do you have a luxury watch that needs a touch of care and servicing? Bring it to My Watch Merchant. Our team of experts is well equipped to handle any troubles your luxury watch might have. Get in touch with us to hold on to your beloved watches for a long time.  

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