6 Things to Know About Maintaining Your Luxury Watches

luxury watches

For watch collectors and lovers, luxury watches are the hallmark of craftsmanship and mechanism. Many luxury watches are considered rare and are most definitely the owner’s pride and joy. Apart from being a favored accessory, watches also evoke sentiments. A gift, an heirloom, a hard-earned trophy or long-sought-after collector’s item, a watch could be any of these and hold deep value for its owner and watch lovers. Therefore, keeping it in good condition is quite important to ensure its longevity.  

Light, water, dust, dents and fall, all of these can destroy or at the least damage the watches. To combat these and other issues, here are 6 things to know about maintaining luxury watches. 

Maintain your luxury watches

1. Dust & Humidity are bad for your watches

Humidity brings in moisture that ruins the parts of watches. It introduces rust and can damage dials and mechanism. While many watches are water resistant and water proof, not all are. Even if they are water proof or resistant, they should not be exposed to dampness for a long period of time.  

Dust can clog the inner parts of the watches, rendering it useless. It can introduce dirt and in combination with dampness, it can be a death knell for your watch. It would be in your watch’s best interest to avoid such conditions while using your watches daily and also while storing it safely.  

Tips to combat water damage

2. Exercise caution

Everyone loves to show off their beautiful watches, but how well do they wear it? Watches should be worn under right conditions. Which means watches that are sensitive to light and water should be kept away from such situation. Not all watches can handle shocks of a fall, its best to avoid wearing such watches during adventurous activities, etc.  

3. Originality 

A watch’s original finish is very important. Polishing is very common but it can change the metal’s surface. It can also have an adverse effect on the metal which may damage the watch. Repeat polishing can ruin the lugs of the watch, spoiling its aesthetics. Its best to leave its servicing to a reputable watch service center that specializes in luxury watch service or luxury watch repair. 

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4. Strap on! 

Watch straps are a tricky aspect. Not everyone is happy with the straps their watches come with. While others might want a change due to damage. To make your straps last longer, protect them from natural elements, water, oil etc. In case of damage, most straps are replaceable, choose a good watch repair store to ensure quality and good service.  

5. Movement matters

Movements of the watch matter and its vital to keep it in good working condition. The best way to ensure this is by getting it serviced regularly. Disassembling a watch, cleaning, re-lubricating the parts and adjusting the timing are all an important aspect of watch care. However, only skilled technicians and experts should handle luxury watches. Choose a watch repair center that has both experts and experience in handling such timepieces.

Here are some important facts about watch movements

6. Service your watches

Watches that are worn regularly need to be serviced at least once a year. But not just any watch repair center would do. You need a reputable, trustworthy institution that specializes in luxury watch repair. My Watch Merchant specializes in luxury watch service and repair. With a history that spans over 70 years, My Watch Merchant has skilled experts and are trusted from their transparent business practice.   

In Conclusion

All watches need to be handled with care and efficiency; we understand that all watch lovers are attached to their priceless collection. If you want the best for your luxury watches, let us handle their repair and care. My Watch Merchant is your trustworthy source for watch repair, service and maintenance. If you have a watch that need expert handling, get in touch with our team, we are happy to help!  

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