How to Repair Water Damage in a Luxury Watch?

how to repair water damage

Water damage can be a death sentence for luxury watches. Water damage results in rust and in some cases mold which ultimately ruins the watch.  repair water damage

It can affect the movements, destroys the leather straps, rust tiny moving parts and ruin the overall look of the watch. Most watches can handle water, there are watches made specifically for people who venture into water for example divers.  

But not all watches are the same. Accidental exposure to water is what usually results in water damage for most watches. Any damage to the watch depends upon the kind of watch and the degree of exposure. 

Let’s have a look at what you can do to fix water damage in a luxury watch 

1. Damage control

The first thing to do to minimize the damage is ‘the damage control’. This starts with gently drying the outer surface of the watch with soft cloth or patting it dry with thick tissues. There are many ways to draw the water out but these need to be executed with care.  

A common practice is to leave the watch under a lamp or sun to heat up so that water evaporates. It sounds practical but too much heat can also damage the watch in other ways. One thing you can do is place the watch in a desiccant.

The pure white silicone gels packets will work well, if you don’t have these you can try drying your watch in dry uncooked rice too.  You can repair water damage with us

My Watch Merchant handle your priceless timepiece.

2. Prevention is better than repair

Always choose preventive measures if you cannot assure the safety of your watch near water. This means being aware of your watch’s capacity to handle water. Find out your watch’s water resistance level and where it can be used.  

Different types of watches have difference level of tolerance to water. Every model is different and basis this, the water resistance levels can differ depending on water pressure and water depth. You should know these details before subjecting your watch to water.  

While approaching water bodies, its best to take off the watch for precaution.  

3. Watch Repair

If your watch shows signs of water damage such as condensation, issues with movement, speed or stops completely get it to nearest watch repair shop immediately. But not just any shop, approach the places that specialize in luxury watches repair. You can repair water damage at reasonable cost.

It’s important to choose a place that has both experience and expertise to handle your delicate and priceless luxury watches.  

In Conclusion

If you are looking for luxury watch repair shop in Mumbai, look no further than My Watch Merchant. My Watch Merchant specializes in watch repair services, watch refurbishing, watch servicing and much more. If you have a luxury watch that has suffered water damage, bring it to us, we can help you.  

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